A showcase of some shader code for Godot game engine. Currently there are 8 types of planets, also generates black holes, galaxies, stars and asteroids. Each type has a lot of possible variations. Also allows you to export any planets you like in either a png , gif or a spritesheet.

Drag your mouse around the planet to change the lighting.

If you want to use this for yourself you can download the source for the shader code. Lots more options for variations are available in the source. 

This project is completely free to use and will stay free, but donations are very appreciated, thanks!


  • Q: On the downloadable version, where do I find the exported files?
  • A: On Windows and Linux, in the same folder the program is. On MacOS under "~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Godot/
  • Q: How do I use spritesheets?
  • A: Determine how many frames you want for an entire rotation. Set this amount of frames for the width (or height). If this exceeds the file width limit, try increasing the other dimension (width/height) for more frames. And of course whatever tool you use to display animations has to support spritesheets.
  • Feel free to ask me anything if something isn't clear, cheers!


Source on Github: https://github.com/Deep-Fold/PixelPlanets 

Available under MIT license. Credit is appreciated, but not required.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Generator, Godot, Pixel Art, planet, planets, Shaders, Space
Code licenseMIT License


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Very Impressed. Are planets generated from your tool fair for commercial use? Just curious? And results are good for the most part, but is there any way to control the speed of rotation. (NOT FPS). Thank you.

Like you see the speed of the planet before it is exported? Is there anyway to mimic that? 

Yeah feel free to use it in your game or whatever project. The speed of rotation is directly tied to the amount of frames you export, assuming you play back at the same framerate.  In the preview 1 rotation is about 50 seconds, which at 60fps is 3000 frames. But if for example you play back at 30 fps you need 1500 frames for the same speed.


hey, how do I make a planet with a ring?

Hi, currently the only planet with a ring is one of the gas giants.

ah, ok.


I'm working on a game with procedurally generated planets and this is a perfect fit. My own code for randomized planet textures just proved that I'm absolutely terrible with anything related to visuals, and I'm more than happy to let it go for this.

Honestly, it's amazing how much these shaders are capable of. I've spent the entire weekend working on code that randomizes all the parameters and got so much more out of it than even what the demo app is showcasing (which is already a lot). At this point, just flying around the galaxy and looking at all the planets might end up being more fun than actually playing the game. xD

Only small thing I noticed is that when you set the crater size to be very small on lava worlds and "no atmosphere" worlds, they tend to line up like the stripes on a watermelon and it looks fairly out of place.

My first tries at procedural planets weren't so good either haha, but if this works for you that's awesome! Sounds like you've something very nice with it!

Interesting about the craters, I hadn't seen that myself yet but I might be able to fix that. Thanks for the feedback!


Everything is very pretty, with one exception if I might: gas giant rings. They should look way more "uniform" if you know what I mean. Like they're solid.

Yeah I get what you mean, maybe I'll mess with them again in a future update. Thanks for the feedback and glad you like it!


Awesome tool of course, but can you include the option to view the planet from the north or south poles? One of the best planet tools I've ever used!

Glad you like it! Unfortunately with the current implementation that's not really possible since the planet is actually just a 2d sprite.


very nice tool! great work! 



Honestly mind blowing tool, so useful and creates incredible planets. So much value here, can't recommend enough. Really great work!

Thank you for the nice comment! Really glad you like it!


Great job! Would be super cool to be able to export a texture image like this https://worldgen.bin.sh/worldgen.cgi?pct_ice=0&palette=Atlas&height=400&projecti... 
The black hole is easily my favorite planet type.

Thanks! I have a version of the project where I do that, you can find that here. But unfortunately I don't think I implemented a way to export the maps.

Is there an easy way to export the maps. I would need to export like 100 different.

No I don't think there is a way to quickly export that many maps, it wasn't really designed for that.

I have a bit of programming experience in javascript and python do you think it is possible to create a way to export 100 2d maps or should i find another way to do it?

Yeah, it's written in GDScript which is very similar to python. If you call the generation and then the export method in a loop it should generate and save a bunch in a row. Alternatively for a non-programming method you can set up a macro or something to click generate and export 100 times.


I love it. The only thing I wish is that I could name the spritesheet on export. But honestly, it's pretty sweet.

Glad you like it! Yeah I agree some file naming would be nice, but it should be easy enough to just rename the file on your OS. Also I try to keep the generator as simple as possible. Good suggestion though, thanks!


Thanks for your work, it is a great tool.

I have just added 5 generated planets to my free project game. Since I use GameMaker Studio I have converted them as a sprite sheets.



That's really awesome, glad you could use the sprite sheets! Good job on the game, it looks pretty nice!


Thank you! I am still watching and wondering how does it work, however I have no clue about shaders. :)


Haha yeah shaders are kinda weird when learning them at first. If you want to learn them just take your time and experiment lots.


A port to Love2D would be amazing!! :O I'm not experienced enough to make it myself though xP


Yeah that would be nice! Unfortunately I don't really know how Love2D works, but maybe somebody wants to try porting it.


the planet's rotation seems... oddly too fast on spritesheet export

The rotation speed depends on how many frames you select. It should always do one rotation within the full spritesheet.


You can fix that by increasing the number of total frames on the export. I ajusted it in the settings to 10x10 to double the default number of frames.


This is really cool!




a cool tech planet, 512x512


WHOA! Loved it <3



This is amazing!! :D


Haha thanks, glad you like!

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Super. Just plain Super! 

Any way that you can Migrate this to Unity Engine?


Thanks, glad you like it! I don't know anything about unity, but some people have already done that. Check out the readme in the github link.


Got it. Thanks. This is something I have been wanting to add to my game. Had to manually create pixel art Planets. Thank again for this!!!!

You're welcome! Hope they fit well in your game!


Amazing job, really love it! A simple, complete and intuitive planet sprite creation tool. I have used in my game: https://joeraig.itch.io/planet-defender

Thank you! ;)

Thank you, glad you like it!

Always like seeing what people do with it, and your game looks really awesome! Thanks for using the generator!


This is so good! We used this in our game here: https://golb.itch.io/orbinauts Thank you for making this :)


That's awesome! You made it look really nice with that glow effect! Glad you like the planets, and thanks for using the generator!


really cool game and it's nice how can i take a png

Not really a game, but glad you like it! Are you asking how to save a png? Because if you click the png button it should automatically download.


Yes how

Not really sure how to help. Where are you having issues?


If I fiddle around with the downloadable version, is it possible to generate black holes without the ring?


You could edit the source to disable the ring layer, but otherwise there is currently no way to do that.

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Hey, just added an update that should allow you to disable the ring layer of the black hole.


Just purchased this to play around with, really interesting generator! I really like the results for "gas giant 2", could you add an option to remove the rings? Thanks.

I'm not sure if I have the know how or ambition, but I'd like to be able to generate planets this way in game maker rather than make sprite sheets. Could you point me in the right direction to research this? I'm assuming this is all done with shaders, which I have no clue about.

Again, great tool & thank you!

Thanks for the donation! Yeah, I I can add an option for that, I'll add it in a future update.

Yes, this is all done with shaders, if you're starting out with those I recommend the Book of Shaders. Also check out Shadertoy for some cool stuff you can do with shaders.

Glad you like it!

Hey, just added an update that should allow you to disable the ring layer.


Thank you for sharing this amazing tool, I really love to use it!


You're welcome! Glad you enjoy using it!


Hello!! I am trying to run this app on mac but it is not working. My friend downloaded on thehir windows and they would run their EXE file. Can someone help me out?

Hey! I disabled the mac download some time ago because I could no longer sign the download from my windows machine. So sadly for now the only way to run the generator on mac is via a browser.

Thank you for letting me know! This is a brilliant generator, and I'm grateful that you put it out :) 


Wow! I'm not working on a game at the moment that could use this, but I do have a passion project in my back pocket that could use this!

Awesome, if you ever do something with it I would love to see it!


that, that is so cool, i need a planet after ending of my game, can i use it? ( with credit ;)

Yey, glad you like it! Yes, feel free to use it in your game.


This looks awesome! I think I will put this in a game in the future. Do you want a cut of the proceeds?

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Thanks for offering, but keep the proceeds yourself. If you want to do something in return then some credit is always appreciated!

Good luck with your future game! Send me a link if you make something with it, I'm interested in what you make with it :)


Hi, thanks so much for such an amazing tool like this. I have used these textures in my game recently. I want to expand my game into a full-fledged commercial game, is it ok?

Here is a link to the demo page:  https://gamejolt.com/games/zonesector/637014

Hi, glad you enjoy it!

Your demo looks really awesome! Yeah that's ok, feel free to use the textures in a commercial game. Really looking forward to what you make with it!


First of all, thank you so much for sharing such an amazing work!

I messed around with the shader a bit and would like to know how could I create a map from the planet?

I kind of managed to create the complete map by assembling textures of different sides of the planet with different time rates and disabling spherify, but there must be a better way to do this lol


Hi, glad you like it!

To get the shader to make a map instead there are at least a few steps.

  • disable the spherify
  • set the final color alpha to always be 1.0 . That way you won't see only a disk.
  • multiply the uv with a vec2(2.0, 1.0). Then also extend the rect to which the planet is drawn to be twice as wide. That way you will see the front and back of the planet at once.

After that you might still have to mess around with lighting and dithering to get a good looking map.

Hope that helps!

It definitely helps! 

Now I can not only use it ingame, but I can use it as a reference to draw the maps of each island of my island planet! When the game is finished I will let you know and give proper credit of course! Thank you! :)


Nice! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it!


Anyone have seed for wet planet that looks like earth? And really cool generator!

I haven't found a seed for earth yet, maybe somebody else has. Glad you like it!


can i use this in my game? (credit given of course)   and if so, how do you wanna be credited?


Yes fell free to use this! If you want to credit me you can just use "Deep-Fold" , and maybe mention the planet generator or put a link to it, whichever works for you.


thanks :D  will do! ill let you know here when i release the game so you can see it >:3


Alright, looking forward to it! And that is a very cute cheetah haha, thanks!


hi! could i use this software for a pixel art videoclip?? 

Hi! Yep, that's fine with me!

Thank u so much!


Hey, thank you so much for your amazing work!

I fell in love with your style and would like to implement something similar, are there any tutorials you can recommend, besides Godot docs and The Book of Shaders?

Hey, glad you like it that much! There are some great tutorial shaders on shadertoy and if you're looking to achieve a specific thing you should definitely look there. Are you looking for tutorials on how to program shaders, or how to achieve certain styles?


It would be nice to know both, but I think I can learn the fundamentals myself, so it would be nice to learn about this kind of procedurally generated shaders and pixel style

Ok, I don't really know of any tutorial on specifically that. I do have a tutorial that I made for this project, you can find that here. Best advice I can give you is to first become familiar with shaders, then it will be easier to achieve certain looks.

For the pixel style I usually just browse some pixel art until I find something I like, then I loosely base my stuff on that.


Advice: dont set the pixels too high or you'll crash your browser xD


Haha, whoops. Yeah the pixel limit was only 100 before but people wanted it higher. It never crashed for me but I guess it depends on hardware and stuff.


It crashed me at 10000. Its my fault for beeing too curious xD


Ok good to know lol. I thought I put a limit on it of 5000 pixels but guess that doesn't work. Thanks for the info!


Can it generate the Earth?

Maybe with the right seed..

How to change the extension? because the picture is saved in very poor quality?

You mean it's very small? It should save in a 1:1 pixel ratio. If you scale up without interpolation it should look fine.

(1 edit) (-1)

How to scale up without interpolation?


You would have to use some image editing program to do that. Or if you plan to use it in a game, engines often allow you to do that as well. 


use seed 1440881000 for anything

Yeah right now any seed ending in 000 will do that because of the way I set the seed. 

thought i was really lucky lol

Haha, well you're still quite lucky as it's a 1 in 1000 chance.


Yes! I clicked about 100 times or so and got a -000 seed. Now I see what you all meant! Completely blank. :)

Yeah, I think I'll just leave it in as an easter egg or something. Also FYI if you want to you can just type a seed in directly, don't have to click. :)


Heey, thank you for this awesome project, I always loved it so I made a Javascript port of your code, and I saw that you put ports of this projects to your git repo, hope I can be there also.Might someone with javascript tries to do something with it and I can help .


Hey, that's really awesome!
Yeah I'll add your project to the repo. Do you want to be credited as 99BitGames?
Nice to see a Javascript port, I'm sure it's gonna be useful to someone!

Thank you! It's okay if you use my git name, my itch io acc is pretty old :D

Okay, done!


A group of people are selling these generated planets as NFTs, are you ok with them selling these for money? Their website is https://www.solanagalaxy.net/.


I don't really like it but seeing as I released it under MIT there is not much I can do about it. Thanks for letting me know though. Doesn't seem like they really sold anything.


If you have social media or something, you can show off your amazing generator and that people can get these beautiful planets for free instead of buying NFTs piggybacking your hard work.

I actually already made a tweet about it here. But I don't really use social media much so it doesn't get a lot of traction.
Thanks for the suggestion though!


It's awesome.
Can I use command line with params to export spritesheet ?


Thanks! For now there is no command line functionality, just the GUI.

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