Just a fun little tool to generate some sprites. 

It's unlikely to generate something that is immediately usable, a little manual touch up might be required. Or maybe it can just inspire you with some monster ideas or other stuff.

How to use

Click the arrows to go forward/back in the generated sprites, or use your arrow keys.

See a sprite you like? Click export and you will automatically download an image of that sprite.

You can also change the max width and height in the settings menu.


  • Font:  Equipment Pro by Eeve Somepx
  • HTML5 File Exchange by Pukkah


You can download the source here on itch or get it at https://github.com/Deep-Fold/SpriteGenerator

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
Tags2D, Generator, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Sprites


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Great stuff. The symmetry option is very useful.

It would be great if you once made a more "advanced" version of this with more user control (color palettes, detail levels, random mutations of a single sprite, that "mass-export" option suggested by GeminiDark...)

This has a lot of potential. u could collaborate with Donitz (creator of procedural tileset generator) and make the ultimate pixel art generator tool and sell it for like 50 bazillion dollars

Also I love the random generated names that I've gotten (like 'salt', 'salty salt', 'cabbage' or 'fermented dave')


I like the fact that this is clearly a mouse

Thank you, glad you like it! This project can definitely do with some updates still, those are all good suggestions. I'll have to find some time for that.
And yeah, the names can get really creative sometimes haha.


 You are like, the best creator on itch in my opinion.

Haha thank you! I appreciate it!


Would it be possible to add a mass-export option? Honestly every single one I see is great, so it'd be nice to export a set number of generated sprites with a specific size in the settings all at once, instead of needing to export each individual one.

Yeah that would be possible, but I also want to keep this program somewhat simple. So I'm not sure if I want to add that. If you really want to automatically export a lot of them you could maybe set up a macro.


Totally understandable. If I can ask another question, is there a way to export the moving version as a gif? Since they move in the generator but are a single piece when exported, is there a simple way to recreate the effect? Some of the pngs have the pieces overlap at points, and I really like the effect of the movement.
Thank you for making this tool, btw. It's really cool.

Ah there is no option for that right now. I could make it a gif export but I could also make it so there is an option to export each piece of the sprite as it's own image.  That way you can animate it yourself in whatever way you want. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see what I can do.
And glad you like it!


Great tool!  It would be awesome if there was a feature to import a  color pallete, but either way this is so cool

Glad you enjoy, this project is more just meant as a fun simple tool, so probably won't add that. But good suggestion though!


This is a cool generator! The sprites that I see remind me of pelvic bones of different creatures, which is interesting


Yeah I think the shapes are vague enough to see a lot of different things in them, and the symmetry helps with that. Glad you like it!

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The very first thing this created for me was "Titanium Dave" (pictured below) and I'm already hugely impressed.

I think it would be neat to see a game jam using these sprites for every single character. Obviously the scenery etc. would still have to be made with something else, but maybe there's a similar tool out there for that? I know you say this is mostly just a starting point but I think it would be a fun limitation to work with.


Titanium Dave looking pretty good.

Haha yeah a game jam like that could be interesting. I think there are quite a few sprite generators out there, so maybe a game with that could be possible.  A bit too limiting for me, but maybe someone else wants to try that.


hey i found this generation tool very cool and was wondering if i could make a small game with them i wouldn't exactly be taking them and sticking them in a game im gonna be doing some 3d things to it but was wondering if i could use them for such

Yes absolutely, feel free to use them in whatever project. If you make something with it I would love to see it!

thanks my mans


while it tends to create some.... *questionable* things at times (that's just how symmetry be tbf), it's absolutely incredible. Having colors get generated also helps with being able to visualize what the thing itself may actually be too!

Haha yeah some results are kinda weird, maybe a bit like a rorschach test. I'm also quite happy with how the colors turned out. Hope you liked it!


Its very good. thats just it. this guy is a master of these things.

although, i wonder what if...

The generator "evolve" from the past image? like, does the user download the past image, how long the user spends time with it, etc...


Haha, thanks glad you like it! Yeah some kind of evolution of a sprite would be interesting. With the way I currently do the randomness it isn't really possible but it could be done with some changes.

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can u post a document on how these are made


I don't really have a document but my comment here explains a bit more. Also the source is available if you want to check.


Running the app on a Mac, and clicking "Export PNG", where does it export to?

It should be under "~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Godot/", but have also seen reports lately that it might not export correctly on MacOS.


am i free to use this for nfts?


I'd rather you don't use this in NFTs, feel free to use it for other projects.


maybe that'll cover my bad pixel art skills :O
epic ^^!

Haha happy to help. Just keep practicing your pixel art and I'm sure you'll create awesome stuff though.
Glad you like it!


Very good bro! Thank you.

glad you like it!


Bro your tool is sus, he just gave me nsfw stuff XD


Nah that's clearly a dandelion don't know what you're talking about.


Well I raise you one 'Crisp' Dandelion


Ok maybe that one looks a little bit 🍆

I think this one looks like a scientific illustration of a uterus from the 1600s.

Haha maybe if aliens visited in the 1600s they might have drawn it somewhat like that.


hi, i am making an rpg, to use these randomly generated sprites, i think they are at least, is it free to put them in, or are they free commercial use but credit the creator??


Hi, they are free to use, but credit would be much appreciated!

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Your generators are amazing. Thank you. Push button. Receive space.


Nice, glad you like em!

Hi Deep-Fold,

Thank you for the amazing tool. I'm wondering whether it's possibly to use this code in Unity at all, to create randomly generated enemies on the fly.

Alternately, would it be possible to have a Save png button which saves the moving 'animation' of the sprite that the tool creates. It would mean making 100s of different enemy sprites with idle anims very easy.



It's gonna be hard to use this code directly in unity. But it shouldn't be too hard to convert the code to another language, the source is available if you want to give that a shot.

I don't think the animation thing would work well, right now individual parts can have very different cycles, so before a full loop is done the animation can be very long. However I could make an update to export every part as an individual layer so you can animate the moving yourself.

Let me know if that works for you.

Hey! Thanks very much for your reply. 
I'm a noob when it comes to Cellular Automata, although I've actually just coded a working map generator using similar principles and could possibly modify that to make more organic creature-like shapes. However I loved your code as it incorporates shading and colours and the results are just fantastic. 

Thank you for the offer, but don't worry about coding a save as separate parts button. I've saved some of the results that I liked  and I will probably use a sprite editor to animate them manually. By the way, I'm only using this for a game that I'm making for me and some friends, I have no plans to release it or sell it, however if I should and I do end up using your code I will of course credit you :)

Thank you again for this, it's a work of art!

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what is the license for the generated sprites? are there any restrictions on what we can do with them?

Well the code is available under MIT so I guess you can use the sprites under the same license. I would appreciate a credit if you decide to use it for something though.

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awesome. credit will be given to you, mit license will be cited.

The sprites are very unique. This tool is a gold mine

Unique is one way to call it haha. glad you like it!

These are SO good!

Any way to get the javascript version of this or understand how it works?

Glad you like em! I wouldn't try to understand the javascript version, it uses WASM and is automatically converted by Godot, so probably not readable.  But you could go trough the source code to understand it,  it's written in gdscript so you have to use Godot. Hope that helps!

I Will try, thanks! I think there's also a guide from @snoopethduckduck who created a sword maker or something, I really think you guys are into something here and the results are insane, I'd do something with this if I was you (and hopefully, if I understand the code, I may try as well!), like a daily creator in Twitter, or an NFT collection, something! this has potential! 

Yeah snoopethduckduck did a lot of cool stuff with the code. The twitter thing sounds fun, might try something like that.

These are some of the best names, thank you for your hard work and all of the assets you have made, they are great!

Thank you, glad you enjoy all of them!

oh wow this is amazing, thank you for this tool! i was stuck on enemy ideas but this generator gives me endless.

Thanks! Glad it could help you with some creative block, hope you got some nice ideas from it.


Hey this tool is incredible - I modified it slightly to make staffs. Would it be okay for me to upload that on my own itch page?


Hi, yes feel free to do that! Would appreciate some credit on your itch page if you do that :) Interested to see what you managed to do with it.


Hey thank you so much, I've uploaded it now and credited you :)

Could you add an export as a gif or spritesheet for the animation?

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Sorry but I don't think I'll do that. The movement was more just to add a fun little extra to the sprite, not really an animation.

Made me hungry

128x16 makes nice crowns

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A good idea!

You have fun making these don't you? I'm going to figure out a way to use this. It's too much fun not to.

Haha yeah I actually love making these generators, some other people seem to like them so a win-win I guess.

I've got an idea for one. I've seen a lot of city generators, thing is, they are all clean and pretty. How about one where the buildings are tightly packed together, and the color pallets determine what type they are. Like browns and reds for grungy, blues and whites for high tech. THe reason why is because I need a city generator for the 40K campaign I'm designing. So far your generators have supplied almost everything else. It's for hive cities they players will be venturing into. For an idea what a hive city is, go onto Twitch and watch someone play Warhammer 40K: Necromunda. Necromunda is a hive city. If you're a star wars fan, think a grim dark gritty version of the lower levels of Corruscant.

Sounds interesting. I do like the idea of a city generator but I would probably make it less specific than that. 

Also it would take quite some time to make a generator like that I think, and I'm also working on some other stuff. So I wouldn't rely on me making that generator anytime soon.

Thanks for the ideas though! And glad my generators are helpful like that!


I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make next.

This is awesome! Going to throw something together over the next week with a few I pulled.

Nice! Curious to see what you can make with it.

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Here's a video of something small from two that inspired me. I think with quite a few of them, I just saw unique ships and different types of space enemies. There were sounds too but they didn't get caught in the recording :( 

Nice little classic space invader! I like how you made the side parts move whenever you fire.