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question! i was making a game but I'm too lazy to make the backgrounds myself so i wanted to use this? I'll credit you a million times over when it releases.

Yeah feel free to use this, would love to see your game when it's finished!


you will


Shouldn't the title be "infinite infinite backgrounds"?


Hmm, but is infinite infinity not the same as a regular infinity?

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Oh my bad, I thought the backgrounds were tilable.

Oh like that lol, yeah they should be tileable. I guess you're right that makes it double infinite,


Purchased with a little added. This is great, thank you. I'll be using it in a game coming soon.


Thank you very much! I hope it's useful in the game jam!


Hi again. I finally got around to using your great work: 

Nice, looks awesome!


This is awesome thanks!

Glad you like it!


Hello, can i use it in projects? And what i need to write, like add you to credits, or something else?

Hey, yeah feel free to use it. If you want to give credit you could do that either in game or on your game page with a mention to this project. Thanks!


Thank for answer, I'll use it as background on site of my game about station on mars, and will say about you on on GitHub repository of the project

Awesome! Would love to see it when your game is finished!


Thank you so much for making this resource! It worked wonderfully and is greatly appreciated!


Thank you! Glad it was helpful. You made a really awesome game with it!


Hey, i love this tool man thanks! But i noticed that the tile option works only along the shorter distance of the image. So, if my height is shorter than my width (say H: 1080 and W: 1920) it would only tile between the two height lines/levels because they are nearer to each other than the width lines/levels are.

Sry, if this is normal and i'm complaining about it 👀

Anyway, thanks so much again, cuz it has really helped me shape a game of mine. I'll post it after, in case you wanna check it out. 😊👍

Hey, glad you like it!

Yeah you're correct on the tiling not working in that case. I still have to figure that bug out sometime. Don't worry about complaining haha, glad to receive feedback! Also would love to see your game!

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hey, first off awesome generator! I've used it a few times and it's been a great help with backgrounds.

Secondly, I've had the windows version for a little while, but for some reason hitting "export" wont save the image to the file the program is in anymore. Not sure why this is the case.
EDIT: moving the generator to an empty file and restarting it seemed to work.

Thirdly, I've tried using the web version, but you cant seem to be able to paste text into the color slots. You can, however, copy and paste colors from the website to the website. But you can't paste regular text into the site.


Hey, thanks! Glad it was helpful.

Not sure what the issue with the file saving is. I think it might overwrite the old file because it always saves with the same name, I should probably change that. I think the text pasting issue is due to the engine I'm using, I'll see if I can fix that.

Thanks for the feedback!


Very good tool, can I put the image resource into the generated background image by myself?

Thanks! I'm not really sure what you mean, can you explain what you mean by the image resource?

It means the picture, in the space of the background, add a new picture

Yeah feel free to add any pictures to the space background.

Okay, thanks


Any chance we could get a mac version?

Unfortunately not. I can't export macOS executables without owning a mac myself due to some requirements by apple.


How do you make this background generator?


Do you mean like how I made it? I made it in a game engine called Godot. I don't really have a tutorial for it, but it comes down to using shaders to generate something called  "fractal brownian motion". Then with that generated noise pattern I do some tweaking and apply some color and you have a background. The stars are just some particles using hand drawn sprites. 


Where do the pictures go ? I can't seem to find them...

In the browser version the pictures should appear wherever your browser puts it's downloaded files. On the Windows and Linux version the pictures should be in the same folder as the program. However they always export with the same name, so make sure you don't overwrite the old files.


This is amazing, thank you for releasing it as open source software!!!


Thanks, you're welcome!


Is there any chance you could make a linux version? Perhaps an AppImage?


Yeah of course, I just uploaded a Linux version. I can't upload an AppImage because  I'm not sure how to export that from godot, but hope this works for you.

Perhaps this can help:


Was wondering if it would be ok for me to use this to make some static backgrounds for my twitch streams. would of course put you in the credits on my about page

Yes that's absolutely okay! If you want to feel free to post a link to your twitch channel, would love to see it!


I used your awesome generator to create some backgrounds for Balluxe™ - my entry into the LOWREZ22 jam,. They gave the game a subtle yet  atmospheric flair compared to the solid black backdrop I'd been using. Thanks for sharing your work!


Awesome! Well done on making a game for a jam, it has a pretty nice arcady vibe to it!

Oh and thanks for the credit, cheers!


Hello, this is one of the coolets resources i've ever seen!
Thanks to u for that. Also I used one of your backgrounds in my recent game, hope u'll like it! Thanks again


Hi. Thanks, that's nice to hear! Glad the generator was useful.

Very nice job on the game, well done! Oh and thanks for the credit, cheers!


Hello there,

This asset is super cool, I have use it in my game Nebula and I really like the look of the game background.

I got my hands also on a Planet Generator which I have used as well, amazing assets. Thanks.

Hi. Nice, glad it was useful! Good job on the game, looks awesome!


Awesome pixel art background generator. It's a must-have!! I used in my game: It matched perfectly with your Pixel Planet Generator. One improve suggestion:
It would be great if you could enable an option to select some stars and make them blink (maybe matching the colors of some random ones with the background). Then you could export an animated spritesheet.

Thanks really for your work!

Hey, glad you like both the generators!

Thanks for the suggestions, it's a pretty good idea. I think for now though I prefer keeping it simpler and not add animations. As an alternative you could try using particles in your game for some blinking stars. Thanks for using the generator!

Hi! I used your awesome generator in a game I made. If you want to check it out, here's the link:! If something was misused, I'll be happy to fix it. Thanks a lot for the asset, really cool!

Hi! That looks really awesome, nice job on the game! Glad the generators could be of use.

Thanks for the credit, appreciate it!

Thanks! ( ╹▽╹ )


nice goes amazingly well with the pixel planet generator

Yeah I tried to match the style somewhat. Glad you like it!


thank you sir , for your software we all apretiate you to create this , and thank you .sir with your due permission would i use your this software in our game ,also i will give you the credit

one's again thank you so much

Haha, you're welcome! Feel free to use this in your game.

Hope you make a cool game with it!

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You just saved me hours. This is absolutely perfect for my game.

EDIT: You probably saved me days. Which is to say I would've settled for less eventually but instead I got something fantastic in 15 seconds.


I think you changed the course of my entire life.


Wow, that went very quickly from being helpful to changing your life haha.

Glad you enjoy, hope you make something nice with it!


Hey, Can I use this for Animation? (I'll give credit)

Yep, that's fine!


Thank you sir :D


Any chance you could make an AppImage version for us linux users?

Hmm, not familiar with AppImage. I don't see a way to do that from godot directly, it might be possible but would have to look into it.

I know that the program Node Wizardry here on Itch uses Godot and uses an AppImage for Linux users


Hello, this is really nice tool. I have an idea for a space game and I was looking for something like this. I Hope you don't mind if I use it to create few backgrounds.

Hey, yes go ahead, that's what I made it for. Looking forward to see what you can make with it!


Hi (sorry for my English, I'm Russian. And yes, please don't annoy me, I'm not to blame for the war), can I use your planet generator and backgrounds in my game? Of course I will point the link to your page at , and just your nickname.

Yeah feel free to use them in your game. And the credit is appreciated!

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Hey, question about your assets in general, cause i saw "Do not distribute any images generated on their own, or in an asset pack." I made a plugin in PGMMV and i am working on a sample project to show a demo of my plugin. i want to use your assets, but im not sure if you allow that since i share the whole project so people can see how i implemented the plugin. basicaly the users will have access to the assets i've generated. wanted to check with you first if i can used them or if i should find something else... thanks!

Hey, yes that is fine with me and you can include them.

I just dont want people to distribute the generated images in packs with nothing else included or little effort put into it. 

Thanks for asking!


Made my day! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Awesome! :)


It produces beautiful results. Thanks for this amazing tool!


You're welcome, glad you like them!


Gran trabajo amigo!! Muchas gracias!

De nada! Me alegro de que te guste!

(I don't speak Spanish so hope translation is correct)


Hey !

Really nice job , visual are super nice and the tool is really simple ! Gave me a lot of inspiration for my own project. 

Thanks a lot for sharing the code ! 

Thanks and glad you like it!
You're welcome, hope the code is useful!


Hi Deep-Fold! 

I'm using your algorithm to create an animation of each layer of the background. The result is pretty good, I'm also looking a way to mix layers with different speeds. But I have a question for you: Can I have my own MIT license for my code? The code is completely different (ported to unity and modified), even though the algorithm is almost the same. Generally I don't care much about this, but in the project I'm working on I have to own every piece of code. Awesome generator btw. Thanks in advance!


That sounds awesome! If it's all your own code license it as you wish, I don't own the algorithms or anything.
Glad you like the generator!

Thank you for the info! I'll credit you if I'm allowed!

Hi Lenda,

Any plans of releasing the Unity version of the algorithm? I would love to have some animation and random generation happening in game for my Unity game, but I don't know enough about shaders and Godot to port it :(

You ported to Unity. Would love to see that. Mind Sharing?


This is awesome! I'm gonna try and use this for a title screen in my metroidvania! And maybe sweet background tiles as well, if I can figure out how. 


This is stunning. Great work! Only issue I can see is it doesn't seem like it tiles vertically

Glad you like it! Yeah for now the tiling only works properly if the aspect ratio between height & width is an integer. So like 200x400, 200x600, 300x100, etc.
To fix that I would have to use another tiling method, but haven't found that yet.


Tiling also turns off some things, I suppose this is intentional because they don't support it?

I don't really remember how I programmed it, but I don't think tiling disables anything. Can you give an example of what gets disabled?


Weird, it doesn't happen any more to me. I think the first time I used it it disabled Dust every time I turned tiling off. Go figure. Thanks anyway, sorry for the false alarm!

Interesting, must have just been some bad luck I guess.

For some reason the download version won't export the photo..

Thanks for letting me know, what OS are you using?

Windows 10

Hmm, I'm on windows 10 and latest build works fine for me. The export should be in the same folder as the program. Can't really help more than that.


Mind blown. This is amazing. It will take the look of my game to the next level. Thanks so much!!!

Glad you like it! Hope it works well in your game.


This and the planet generator are so cool!

Thanks! Glad you like em!


Hi this generator is amazing, but could you make it vertically tiled as well? Thank you so much, again its really amazing!

Hi glad you like it! It should be vertically tiled already, but maybe it's broken. Could you show an example or something of a broken tile?

(1 edit)

However, maybe it's just this one, I'm not sure.

Ok thanks for the example, I'll try and fix it.



you're welcome!

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Hey dude, this was the best bg generator I ever used... U have done such a nice job... Like no kidding am so obsessed with it now.. just AWESOME... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...🔥
I used it HERE ... I will be happy if u go to the credits scene of the game and check it out... 💖
Click on ur name to check ur links... 😋

A solid 5-star rating 😁

If u have any discord server , yt channel or something... Please lemme know... I would love to see more from u ✨

I don't really have that, I do have a twitter where I very occasionally post something extra:


Thank you, glad you like my stuff!

Nice job on the game and thanks for the credits!

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