Avoid bullets for 10 seconds and reach the end. Sounds easy? Try it! (Fullscreen  recommended)

Currently HTML version doesn't load in firefox, sorry! Try chrome, or download the executable for your OS.

The Game:

15 levels, what are the lowest times you can get? Collect medals for an extra challenge.

Either avoid enemies as gracefully as you can:

Or just shoot 'em all up:

Either way, after 10 seconds you have to be in that good green goal.


A bullet hell game for the bullet hell jam.

Like what I do? Give me a follow.


Controls are configurable: (except for mouse, sorry!)

  • WASD to move
  • Shift to move slow
  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Q to swap weapon



  • MORE MORE MORE - by Punch Deck ( I somewhat edited it)


  • Sound effects from kenney.nl
  • Sound effects from zapsplat.com

Art and coding by me.


DecaSecondWindows.exe 37 MB
DecaShot.x86_64 42 MB
DecaShotMacOS.zip 17 MB


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Is there a world record speedrun? Also is the game complete?

No complete speedruns as far as I know. I do consider the game complete but it was also just a game for a game jam.

Please make more levels :D


Sure, It'll have to be after the jam this is for is over though,

This game is absolutely spectacular! I really love everything about it. Art, game mechanics, variety, MUSIC oh god. Its the best music for this gameplay. Awesome job dude!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy!


A very good and ell polished game!! I love the game style too!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Very good, but my potato chromebook is too laggy to beat level 10 :/


Sad.. Sorry to say but I think level 12 might be even more laggy then. Thanks for playing though, glad you enjoyed!

cant play it, getting error "couldn't load project data at path ".".
is the .pck file missing?

Whoops.. sorry! I updated the file, should work now.

This game is soooo fun! I spent a lot of time playing! It also reminds me of a certain impossible game...

Glad you enjoyed! Certainly might have been inspired by a very hard game.