tiling & fixes


Apparently the shader was quite broken for some people (horizontal lines & stuff). Those should (hopefully) not appear anymore (or way less at least). Let me know if it's still broken though.

2 new additions:

  • Tiling: Enable this to create backgrounds that are seamless and will tile infinitely. I recommend disabling the planets, those might look kinda odd when repeating a lot.
  • Darkening: You want a darker space but still have the dust & nebulae? Now you can, this will simply use some more darker colors.

Thank you all for following the project, appreciate it!


SpaceBackgroundHTML5.zip Play in browser
Apr 15, 2021
SpaceBackground.exe 35 MB
Apr 15, 2021
SpaceBackgroundSource.zip 154 kB
Apr 15, 2021

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Thanks for the fixes and updates!

Glad you enjoy the updates!👍