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ended up here when i was just looking for some assets for my game, I've checked your itch and just wanted to say you're amazing.

Hey, thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoyed! Glad you like my stuff!

Dude seriously, you are really good. If you have a day time job, I would suggest quitting that and doing indie game development full time. Between your games and your asset generators, you have unlimited potential, swear to god, man.


Really glad you like my stuff that much! I don't really think that idea would work out, but I'm good keeping it a side thing for now. Thanks though!

Just browsing through your itch... Your game jam games, are also pretty slick. :)

Haha thanks! Next week I might upload another game for the bullet hell jam.

This is awesome! Any chance of sharing the source code?

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Sure, I added a download for the source now. Keep in mind that this was for a jam though, so code is going to be uncommentated / ugly.

Thanks! I just want to check out how you did some things so I can make my game better.

Just one quick question, what did you use to make the music? It's so good!

I didn't make the music.  As you can see from the description it's music by Patrick De Arteaga.

Oh sorry, I didn't read through the entire description.

Could you please make an android version, I would love to play on the go

Hi! Thanks for the interest in the game. Unfortunately I don't really think this game would work for android due to the controls. Also currently I don't really feel like working on this game. Maybe some time in the future.

ok, thanks for making this, it's a really fun game! I love the arcade theme! I get how it wouldn't work on android. You are a  amazing developer and its awesome to see projects made with godot. Also I really like your new planet asset pack


Really an amazing game! I like the music & look of the game.